Abby #SuccessBells

March 11, 2016

Everyone knows that it takes years of hard work and sacrifice to build a career. Abby was no exception. Working at restaurants from a young age, she knew the ins and outs of the business as well as the fast-paced, chaotic lifestyle that often comes with a career in food service. However, she got caught up in the after-hours party scene and before long, her drug use had spiraled into a full-blown addiction.

When she arrived at Chrysalis, she was living in a rehab center for women. Abby worked closely with her Employment Specialist to craft a resume that highlighted her years of experience. She was awarded a scholarship to obtain her Food Handler’s Card, giving her a real chance of finding a job.

Imagine Abby’s frustration when after many months of job searching she didn’t receive any offers. Fortunately, Chrysalis’ Women’s Empowerment Program was about to begin and invited her to participate. The support she received kept her motivated and focused. When Universal Studios invited her to come in for an interview, she was prepared.

Wearing the new suit she received through Chrysalis, she walked confidently into the interview. The hiring manager was impressed by her enthusiasm and poise and hired her as a cook for one of the theme park’s popular restaurants. “I had so many interviews but no one would hire me,” Abby told her Employment Specialist. “Now I know it’s because the perfect position was waiting for me.”

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