Breaking Barriers Houses over 100 Clients!

August 10, 2016

Robert-BreakingBarriers-PostChrysalis is excited to celebrate a huge milestone for Breaking Barriers. This August, the program hit the 100+ clients housed mark. One of these individuals was Robert, who was determined to find work after being released from prison for a first-time offense. When he came to Chrysalis, he was homeless, unemployed, and ready for a change. The Breaking Barriers program has given Robert a second chance, and Chrysalis is proud to be a part of his journey.

Read more about Robert in our Newsroom!

What is Breaking Barriers?

Breaking Barriers is a 2 year rapid-rehousing pilot program that provides short-term rental subsidies, employment services, and case management to adult felony probationers in L.A. County. The program is targeted toward probationers who, with appropriate supports, can become stably employed and eventually fully responsible for their own rent in a market rate apartment.

To put it simply, the program’s primary goals are to:

  1. Reduce recidivism to jail and prison
  2. Increase housing retention
  3. Maintain employment

Chrysalis is proud to be leading the way with this innovative program alongside the Los Angeles County Department of Probation, CSH, Department of Health Services, Brilliant Corners, and the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation.

Since beginning in July 2015, Breaking Barriers has served over 170 individuals. Designed as a multidisciplinary, collaborative effort, Breaking Barriers has helped over 100 clients secure permanent housing, 70 clients find and retain employment, and has assisted countless others with navigating everyday life situations such as getting access to healthcare, benefit services, and family reunification. Program participants have shown an increase in education levels, with one client being provided with the resources necessary to finish his Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology. In addition, with the support of this program, multiple clients have obtained their GEDs or high school diplomas and additional vocational certifications.

How is Chrysalis Involved?

It’s all about the job, of course! Chrysalis provides comprehensive employment services, including employment preparation classes, resume writing services, and practice interviews to Breaking Barriers participants. Everything about our services for these individuals is the same as it would be for any Chrysalis client, including the opportunity to work a transitional job through Chrysalis Enterprises.

We believe that this focus on preparing for, finding and retaining employment is what helps all of our clients on their own pathway to self-sufficiency. But specifically for a Breaking Barriers program participant, we believe it will also help them stay in their home when their time in the program comes to a close.

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