What Our Customers Say

We asked a few of the businesses we work with what their experience has been like hiring through Chrysalis Enterprises, and the responses are in!

Meeting (and Exceeding) Staffing Needs

“Having Chrysalis’ partnership makes our mission possible. Our drive is to employ people transitioning out of homelessness. We work with Chrysalis because they are the best at what they do. The greater mission to end homelessness in L.A. is only possible through really great partnerships. Chrysalis sends us the right people to make our mission possible.”

As the Director of Community Impact & Culture at The Giving Keys, Coplin’s biggest challenge is finding folks to do more than a job—she’s looking for individuals who believe in the organization’s mission, people with a transformational mindset. A Chrysalis Staffing customer since 2013, Coplin continues to hire our clients because they don’t show up on time, they show up early! She shared, “Chrysalis clients are prepared to interview and prepared to work. They go above and beyond.” Not only that, she told us this about Chrysalis’ Staffing Operations Manager: “[He] knows The Giving Keys almost as well as we do! He is really great at screening employees to ensure they are the best fit. His advocacy and expertise really help find great employees for us.”

“We love Chrysalis. I would encourage anyone looking to fill their staffing needs to work with Chrysalis Staffing.”
-Bentley Coplin, Director of Community Impact & Culture at the Giving Keys



Maintaining Clean and Safe Neighborhoods

“Working with Chrysalis Enterprises has been a wonderful experience. We’re working with a professional organization that does an excellent job pulling through and doing what they say they will. It’s rewarding to know that working with Chrysalis has positive externalities and helps employees to change lives. As the Executive Director of the Arts District Business Improvement District, I have dozens of issues and concerns that I’m constantly dealing with, however, our Street Maintenance services is not one of them.”

For Vargas, the most difficult part of hiring is finding motivated and qualified individuals while staying in budget. By working with Chrysalis Enterprises, much of that burden is removed. Vargas says that he can rely on Chrysalis workers to show up on time and in good spirits. “It’s easy to lose sight of the big picture in making sure the neighborhoods are clean and safe, while accomplishing goals. When I sit back and reflect on the bigger picture, I realize that hiring Chrysalis clients really changes lives.”

“There isn’t a more dependable and consistent street maintenance provider out there.”
-Miguel Vargas, Executive Director of Arts District Los Angeles BID


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