Robert #SuccessBells

July 1, 2016

Despite having a diverse work history, a positive attitude, and the drive to find employment, Robert was being turned down for jobs time and time again. Though he was focused on moving forward, every rejection from potential employers reminded him of his past. He found himself homeless and unemployed after serving for a first-time offense, and when he came to Chrysalis, Robert was ready for a change.

Robert joined Chrysalis’ Breaking Barriers program after being referred by his probation officer. The initiative, a rapid rehousing and case management program, is the first of its kind and is aimed at ending the cycle of recidivism. After finding housing through a partner agency, Robert dove right into Chrysalis’ core classes. He recalls, “Chrysalis gave me a chance when nobody else would.” Working closely with our volunteers to develop a resume and improve his interview skills, Robert was committed to the job search and felt confident about his future.

Robert’s background in customer service and education, along with over three years of experience in IT, made him a great candidate for Chrysalis Enterprise’s Staffing business, a temporary, transitional jobs program. There, Robert was offered a front desk position at SRO Housing’s Russ Hotel where he worked for the next 8 months. Robert reflects on the experience fondly, valuing it as a great work experience and an opportunity to meet people from all walks of life. During this time, he continued his search for a permanent position, and he was later hired by Anything Systems as a welder.

Robert continues to set new goals and reach for new opportunities. In 2016, he was accepted into the Microenterprise Program, a 15-week business and entrepreneurial program that takes place at Pepperdine University in Malibu. Throughout the program, participants are paired with a team of Pepperdine students who serve as business mentors. The program culminates with a graduation ceremony and participants leave with a business plan for a small or “micro” business!

Chrysalis provided Robert with words of encouragement when he needed them most. With stable employment and housing, Robert embraces his future and inspires us all as he lives a life that has been–and continues to be–changed.

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