Chrysalis & the Weingart Center – A Partnership that is Changing Lives

June 30, 2017

In an exciting new partnership, Chrysalis will provide comprehensive housekeeping services through our social enterprise to the Weingart Center – an L.A.-based organization providing residential and wrap-around support to homeless and at-risk individuals in the heart of Skid Row. The contract will create fifteen new transitional jobs for our clients, allowing them to develop marketable skills instrumental to their transition to outside employment as they maintain the eleven-floor center each day.

The partnership brings together 2 homeless service providers with outcomes that meet both organizations’ needs: The Weingart Center provides transitional jobs to our clients and Chrysalis supplies hard-working crews that are committed to providing a clean environment for Weingart’s residents. It’s a win-win!

The Cleaning Blitz
This morning, 9 Chrysalis Enterprise clients, 3 supervisors, and 8 Chrysalis staff members dove into a 2-day cleaning blitz to assure that the building will be in tip-top shape for our incoming crews on July 1, 2017. From dusting every pipe to polishing the floors, the team worked together to make sure we are set up for success!

You can hire job-ready, motivated candidates who are committed to excellence too! Click here for more information!


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